Bilete Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi 2024 - 16-21 iul - Summer Camp Brezoi

Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi 2024

Summer Camp Brezoi, Brezoi (Vâlcea)

16-21 iulie

Evenimentul s-a încheiat.


Prepare to Fall Deeper in Love with Blues at the Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi / Romania! Our captivating journey continues, packed with the finest artists, memorable experiences, and delightful surprises. Mark your calendars and keep in touch for more news! YOUR ELITE BLUES MUSIC SIX-DAY-LONG THRILL RIDE!
Tuesday, July 16th

01:00 Vanesa Harbek (AR)

23:15 Anthony Gomes (CA) "Late Night special"
21:30 Mr. Sipp "The Mississippi Blues Child" (USA)
20:00 Jonathon “Boogie” Long (USA)
19:00 Mazingo (FR)

Forest Stage
Wednesday, July 17th

01:00 Noa & The Hell Drinkers (ES)

23:15 Danielle Nicole Band (USA) "Late Night special"
21:30 Annika Chambers & Paul DesLauriers (USA)
20:00 CANAF (RO)
19:00 Paardekooper (NL)

Forest Stage
17:00 Fără Zahăr (RO)

Thursday, July 18th

01:00 Jörg Danielsen & Vienna Blues Association (AT)

23:15 NIGHTLOSERS (RO) "Late Night special"
21:30 Shemekia Copeland (USA)
20:00 Ben Poole (UK)
19:00 DeWolff (NL)

Forest Stage
17:00 OCRU (RO)

Friday, July 19th

01:00 The Southern Cockroaches (RO)

23:15 Albert Cummings (USA) "Late Night special"
21:30 Bywater Call (CA)
20:00 Selwyn Birchwood (USA)
19:00 Vasko The Patch (BG)

Forest Stage
17:30 C3I TR3I (RO)
16:30 Ralu Stoica & Alex Tomaselli (RO)

Saturday, July 20th

01:00 Shaggy Dogs (FR)

23:15 Kaz Hawkins (IRL) "Late Night special"
21:30 The Damn Truth  (CA)
20:00 Grainne Duffy (IRL)
19:00 Dom Martin IRL)

Forest Stage
17:00 Stories of the Blues (RO)
Racila / Bowman / Kusak / Hoefer
Sunday, July 21st

01:00 Boogie Boys (PL)

23:15 Dana Fuchs (USA) "Late Night special"
20:00 Matt Schofield (UK)
19:00 The BluesBones (BE)

Forest Stage
17:30 Soul Serenade (RO)
16:30 George Sarluceanu (RO)
Stage Host- Claudiu Cîrţînă.

Brezoi, Vâlcea, Romania, July 16-21, 2024

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What is the Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi?

The Open Air Blues Festival in Brezoi is an annual event taking place in July, set within the vibrant city of Brezoi in Vâlcea County. It spans 6 days and 6 nights, nestled in the heart of the mountains along the Lotru river valley in Valcea County. The festival promises an immersive experience filled with captivating blues music, a gathering of wonderful individuals in an idyllic natural setting—a harmonious community unified by shared values.

What is #BrezoiulLumii?

#BrezoiulLumii represents the enchanting community that has blossomed around this festival—a beautiful congregation of individuals brought together by their love for music, nature, and shared camaraderie.


    • Upon presenting your electronic ticket at the access gate, it will be scanned, and in return, you'll receive a festival access bracelet. This bracelet is your entry pass and must be worn throughout the entire festival duration.

  • How much do entrance tickets cost?

    • Currently, only 6-day tickets covering the entire festival period are on sale.

    • The current price stands as the best available for access tickets.

    • Ticket pricing is categorized solely by cost. Lower-priced offers are valid for specific periods. Once each price category is exhausted, only higher-priced offers will remain valid. In essence, purchasing tickets earlier means lower costs.

  • How much is a children's ticket?

    • Children's Access: Children under 13 can attend the festival for free. This applies to both concert venues and the camping area, but it's essential that they are accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or authorized representative holding a valid ticket. Full compliance with the festival regulations is required. For detailed regulations, please refer to the complete document and download the Minor Parental Consent Statement.

    Do people with disabilities benefit from any discount?

    • Access for People with Disabilities: Individuals with certified disabilities enjoy free festival access, with or without a companion. This access is granted based on a valid certificate and ID. The companion of a disabled person must present official documents issued by a state institution certifying their status without doubt.

    Is camping included in the general access pass?

    • Camping Access: The general access pass does not include camping privileges. Each individual interested in camping must obtain a separate camping access ticket. Two types of camping tickets are available: caravan and tent access tickets.

    Can you buy tickets at the entrance to the festival?

    • On-site Ticket Purchase: Tickets can be purchased at the festival entrance only if availability permits. For assured access, it's recommended to check ticketing sites or follow updates on the festival's Instagram and Facebook pages.

    How much does parking cost?

    • Parking Details: Parking facilities at the festival are offered free of charge.

    Are there any age restrictions?

    • Age Inclusivity: There are no age restrictions at #BrezoiulLumii. All individuals, regardless of age, are warmly welcomed—whether young or young at heart.


    • Access Timing: Festival access begins on July 16th, 2024, while camping area access opens on July 15th, 2024.

    • Entry Points: Access to the festival area is exclusively granted through specially designated entrances, allowing entry once the validity of tickets has been confirmed.

    • Bracelet Collection: Holders of festival season tickets are required to exchange their season pass for an access bracelet. This bracelet must be worn throughout the entire 6-day event and can be obtained from specified points at the festival entrance.

    • In-and-Out Access: Attendees can enter and exit the festival grounds at their discretion, provided they possess the access bracelet. Each entry involves a security check.

    • Festival Duration: The festival concludes after the event on the night of July 21st, 2024.

    • Camping Area Release: The camping area must be vacated by July 22nd, 2024.


    • Entry Body Control: Yes, there will be a thorough body check at the entrance, ensuring safety for everyone attending.

    • Permitted Items and Actions: Attendees can bring:

      • Pets accompanied by the necessary pet affidavit
      • Strollers, prams, baby carriers
      • Small bags (not larger than 29cm x 21cm x 12cm), backpacks, handbags, and purses
      • Binoculars
      • Folding chairs
      • Beddings and towels
      • Compact cameras
      • Cigarettes and electronic cigarettes
      • Headphones
      • Go-pro cameras
      • Napkins
      • Hand sanitizer and wet wipes in small containers
      • Raincoats
      • Hats, caps, bandanas, armbands, scarves, shawls
      • Lipsticks and make-up
      • Phones and chargers
      • Sunscreen
      • Sunglasses
      • Empty glass or cardboard glasses (allowed at the entrance)
      • Medicines, insulin, asthma spray
      • Positive vibes, smiles, and laughter

      For Caravans/Tents Camping:

      • Tents
      • Sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, isoprene, self-inflating mattresses
      • Canned food, drinks, and water

    Can I bring my dog?

    • Pet Access: You can bring your dog based on the Pet Statement of Responsibility, ensuring that they don't disrupt other festival-goers. As the pet owner, you're entirely responsible for your pet's behavior throughout the event, and your pet should be identifiable at all times.

    Can I bring my medication?

    • Medical Items: Yes, it's allowed. Please ensure you carry a document from your doctor to validate your need for specific medications like pills or inhalers.

    What's the weather at Brezoi? Should I bring thick clothing?

    • Weather Advisory: The festival is located in Brezoi, along the Lotru River, near Turțudan. The climate is generally pleasant, but occasional short, summer rains are common. It's advisable to bring a raincoat. In the evenings, a thicker shirt or jacket might be suitable.


    • Prohibited Items and Actions: The following items and actions are strictly prohibited:

      • Rollers, bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards
      • Cameras (professional or semi-professional), drones
      • Bottles, umbrellas, bulky luggage
      • Selfie sticks, flags, laser pointers
      • Chains, sticks
      • Sharp objects, knives, weapons
      • Flammable or pyrotechnic materials, sprays, fireworks, fumigants
      • Vuvuzelas
      • Water, food, soft drinks, or alcoholic beverages
      • Prohibited substances
      • Items or actions that might cause fires or endanger others
      • Commercial or advertising activities
      • Demonstrations, rallies of any kind
      • Distribution of leaflets

      *Note: Exceptions may be made for individuals needing specific objects due to health conditions, provided they can provide documentation from a practitioner or attending physician.


    • Prohibited Camping Items:

      • Camping stoves, cylinders, fuel canisters
      • Access by car to the camping area
      • Campfires

    What does a professional camera mean?

    • Definition: A professional camera refers to any camera with detachable lenses or a DSLR setup.

    Can I distribute business leaflets in the festival area?

    • Advertising Policy: Unfortunately, distributing business leaflets or conducting promotional activities is only permitted for festival sponsors and partners.


    • The festival operates as a 100% cashless event! You'll use the FESTIVAL payment card for all purchases, including food, drinks, and other products. Obtain the FESTIVAL payment card at the designated loading points ("TOP-UP POINT") within the festival. You can load the card using cash or a bank card.

      Consider the following:

      • Cash or card payments are not accepted at bars or vendors; only the FESTIVAL payment card is accepted (excluding merch stands).
      • You can load any amount onto the card and get a refund for the remaining balance at any TOP-UP POINT until midnight each day of the event.
      • Check your card balance at any top-up point or vendor. If your credit runs low, you can reload with cash or a card at any TOP-UP POINT.
      • Safeguard your payment card as the organizer does not take responsibility for lost items within the festival perimeter, including the payment card.
    • General access passes or tickets purchased at the festival entrance can be paid for with either the card or cash.

    • Nearest ATM / Cash Machine: Located at the entrance to the Brezoi City Hall building, approximately 400 meters from the festival entrance.


    • Do I need to bring my tent/caravan or can I find one at Brezoi? You are required to bring your own tents and caravans. Each individual entering the camping area must have a valid camping ticket, be it for tent or caravan camping.

    • Can I choose my spot in the camping area? Unfortunately, no. The camping spots are allocated by the organizers to optimize space and ensure fairness for all attendees.

    • Can I drive to the camping? No, parking your car is nearby as driving directly to the camping area is not allowed.

    • Facilities in the camping area: The camping zones for tents and caravans are secured with 24/7 surveillance, illuminated at night, and equipped with facilities such as toilets, showers, power stations, free WiFi, and a sports field. The tent camping site, housing around 500 units (tents), is a short 2-minute walk from the festival, situated in a beautiful natural park. The caravan camping area, with a capacity of approximately 100 units (caravans), is adjacent. It offers not just the necessary amenities but also a vibrant yet orderly community space for all ages.

    • Am I allowed to bring food, water, or drinks to the camping area? Yes.

    • Grilling and Open Fire: Grilling is not permitted in the camping area. The festival offers designated grill areas, dining, and coffee zones for your convenience and enjoyment. Open fires are strictly prohibited in the campsite.

    Can I come by bike?

    • Bicycle Access: Yes, you can bring your bike to the camping area, but it's not permitted in the concert area. However, there's a scenic cycling route spanning 15 km right beside the festival area.

    Can I bring my guitar, harmonica, drums, etc.?

    • Musical Instruments: Absolutely! Feel free to bring musical instruments like guitars, harmonicas, drums, etc. If you plan to play or practice on-site, please be considerate of others' peace and enjoyment. You're welcome to showcase your musical talent at the after party!

    Can I make a campfire?

    • Campfire Regulations: Unfortunately, campfires are not allowed at the festival. While it's an enjoyable activity, prioritizing everyone's safety is crucial.


    Accommodation Options:

    • Hotels, Inns, and Locals: If camping with a tent or caravan isn't your preference, consider staying with locals or in the various inns and hotels around Brezoi. The area offers diverse accommodation options. Brezoi is conveniently located:

      • 17 km from Călimănești - Căciulata (about an 18-minute drive)
      • 22 km from Mălaia (approximately 24 minutes by car)
      • 36 km from Voineasa and Rm. Vâlcea (38 minutes by car)
      • 69 km from Sibiu (an hour's drive)
    • Checking Availability: Explore hotel availability in the area and consider looking into Airbnb accommodations.

    • Pay attention to our social media networks because there we will post announcements with details related to accommodation units that we recommend.

    • Posting Room Availability: If you have available rooms or need accommodation, consider posting on Facebook groups like "Oameni care merg la Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi" and "Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi - Vâlcea Fans", or "Cazare Brezoi".


    • Transport to and from the Festival:

      • Public Transport: During the festival, there will be a well-organized public transport system connecting Brezoi to Călimănești - Căciulata, ensuring regular and sufficient transport options.

      • Transport Routes: Road and rail public transport are available on the Rm Vâlcea - Brezoi - Călimăneșți - Sibiu route. Additionally, cabs and ride-sharing services offer alternative transport choices.

      • Car Sharing: If you're arriving by car and have available seats, consider sharing the ride on Facebook! Sharing your journey could bring more wonderful people to Brezoi, creating opportunities for engaging conversations—perhaps starting with the blues!

      In the Heart of Brezoi's Mountains, a Gateway Opens to a Musical Experience that Revitalizes the Soul and Electrifies the Senses.

      The Brezoi Blues Festival isn't merely a convergence of sounds and rhythms; it's an invitation to a musical journey that awakens your passion for adventure and authentic beats.

      Here, you'll have the unique chance to discover prestigious bands, some making their Romanian debut, while others offer a once-in-a-lifetime live experience. Surrounded by the spectacular mountain scenery and the soothing coolness of the Lotru River, you'll feel the freedom and joy in the embrace of blues music.

      But the festival doesn't stop there! The after-parties and spectacular jam sessions will immerse you in a unique atmosphere, where you'll sense the vibrant spirit of the blues-loving community. And let's not forget our partners, who are preparing a plethora of mountain activities and surprises for everyone eager to explore beyond just the music.

      So, break away from your daily routine and come revel in this amalgamation of music and friendships forged around the passion for blues. Discover the beauty of this place, immerse yourself in the unmistakable sound of blues, and embark on an adventure that will nourish your spirit long after it ends. Join us in the enchanting world of Brezoi's Blues!